919-913-8007 Raleigh, NC This video shows why 90% of builders chose spray foam for their personal homes. Reason: because it pays them back the first day. Homeowners just aren’t educated yet like builders are [More] | 1-888-225-6260 For many decades, the material of choice to insulate homes has been fiberglass. Blown fiberglass is used for the attic whereas fiberglass batts are used for wall cavities, ceilings, and pretty much [More]
Another video from the fusion insulation stable . Here we show a difficult dormer roof being sprayfoamed and then the foam is “cut flush” or shaved flush to allow the drywall contractor get a perfect [More]
This Foam System Can Raise Concrete Slabs. What happens if the foam sinks?
Polyurethane foam concrete lifting incorporates the technique of mudjacking with the modern knowledge and technology of high-density polyurethane to completely lift damaged concrete. This solution is non-disruptive, eco-friendly and super fast allowing you to walk [More]
Foam Jacking is a concrete lifting and soil stabilization procedure that consists of injecting high-density, expanding polyurethane foam through penny-size holes to lift, realign, and stabilize sunken concrete foundations and slabs. Foam Jacking  is capable [More]
Builders spray foam the roof and walls of a prototype house in Quinhagak, in southwest Alaska. The home was designed by the Cold Climate Housing Research Center as an energy efficient, affordable model appropriate for [More]
ASTM E-108 Test from begging to conclusion.  
ASTM E-108 Test to funky music
Explanation of ASTM E-108
A video of an ASTM E-84 Test of Polyurethane Coating
AnotherE-84 version of the ASTM
A video of the UL E-84 Test
Holy family Highschool in Broomfield, Colorado had a stairset that had settled as much as 3 inches at its base. Liftech used NCFI’s 4lb. system to rehabiltate the 4 ton stair set back to it’s [More]
Video demonstration of new Graco E-30 Foam and Polyurea spray machine.
A walk through the process of having open or closed cell foam sprayed to insulate your home. We address popular questions and concerns and show an in-depth look at how the foam is installed. This [More]
JACKCRETE, a division of RPC Industries, Inc., specializes in commercial, municipal and residential Polyurethane Foam concrete lifting, leveling and stabilization. Our non-disruptive procedure typically takes less than half a day, is cured and ready for [More]
spray foam Insulation oil tank 1.3gp
Live demonstration of why spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF) is a powerful building insulation material with a unique ability to fill the gaps and holes that can be difficult to seal. Air leaks waste up [More]
Spray Foam Insulation – Corner Seal